CALIBRE series designed for successful men have all appeared in Zhengzhou Arpels Alhambra Jewelry

Many of Cartier’s works are inspired by animals, the most famous of which is the cheetah series. The cheetah’s three-dimensional shape and neck are seamlessly displayed, fully expressing the sexy and intoxicating feminine beauty. Trinity tricolor gold At the beginning of the 20th century, Cartier Trinity’s three-color gold works debuted and became a gem in the history of jewelry. Expressing friendship in platinum, loyalty in gold, and love in rose gold – the three rings are independent and interlocking, representing the three most beautiful emotions in the world, plus simple but intrinsic design, winning countless celebrities The favor of the long-term ‘classic’ synonym. Rose K gold bracelet In 1970, Cartier designed a bracelet for lovers to express their love. Bracelets with a unique ‘screw’ design can only be opened by a couple with a special screwdriver, symbolizing the loyalty and commitment of love. BallonBleudeCartier Blue Balloon Series The Blue Balloon Series is a masterpiece of Cartier’s classics and innovations. She draws on Cartier’s deep watchmaking essence and gets rid of the limitations of traditional watch design. The oversized and convex sapphire, the precious metal guard bow that has never been seen before, is like a round and non-circular streamlined three-dimensional case. It has a unique sense of suspension and futuristic, which makes people feel at first sight. LaDona watch Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton Cartier’s figure can also be found in the love story of Hollywood stars. The love of the famous actor Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor was a sensation, as today’s Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are eye-catching. Elizabeth Taylor made Bolton obsessed, loving, and deeply immersed in it.

 CALIBRE series designed for successful men have all appeared in Zhengzhou Arpels Alhambra Jewelry.


Elizabeth Taylor is known for her love of jewellery. In order to please her beloved woman, Richard Burton bought the 69.42-carat Cartier ‘Bolton Taylor’ pear-shaped diamond for $1.069 million and gave it to her wife, Elizabeth Taylor. As a token of love. On the 40th birthday of Princess Kelly’s 40th birthday, Elizabeth Taylor wore the legendary “Bolton Taylor” diamond that her husband had just given her, which was the first time Taylor used the diamond to appear in public. 5 bodyguards guarded. Elizabeth Taylor wearing ‘Bolton Taylor’ debut, so that she immediately became the focus of the global fashion industry and entertainment circle, but also made Taylor become one of the most enviable people in the world. ” 2011..1212..0202 Today’s daily consumer spending··风风尚尚 1919 Cartier Windsor Duke Brooch At the end of 2006, Cartier officially settled in Zhengzhou. At present, there are watch professional shops in Rennes Department Store Renmin Road and Zhengdao Garden Department Store. Dashang Jinbo Store has glasses counters. The Dennis Department Store People’s Store is the earliest authorized store in Cartier, Henan. In addition to watches, there are also writing instruments, lighters, leather goods, glasses and other products. Cartier’s latest counter at the Zhengdao Garden Department Store has increased its business area to 120 square meters. Cartier’s latest women’s jewellery watch series De-lices (Juli) and the CALIBRE series designed for successful men have all appeared in Zhengzhou Arpels Alhambra Jewelry. Currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other first-tier cities, you can experience the charm of Cartier jewelry. English name: Cartier Founder: Louis-FrancoisCartier Birthplace: Paris Birth time: 1847 Today, Cartier continues to expand in the field of art. In addition to jewelry and watches, its products include leather goods, perfumes, writing instruments, scarves, glasses, and lighters. Its classic status stands out and it has become the leading brand in the jewelry industry. Cartier once created a famous crocodile necklace at the request of Mexican legendary actress MariaFelix. In recent years, the same LaDona watch has been created. In 1975, Cartier was a tailor-made double crocodile necklace for Mexican legendary actress Maria Felix.