miraculously returning Fendi to the center of the fashion world.

Lagerfeld, designed as a symbol of two F letters, began to be used on Fendi’s products, in Fendi’s fashion, handbags, and watches, with various forms, sometimes buttons or buckles, sometimes printed patterns, sometimes magnified, sometimes narrowed, and very high marks. The impact of Fendi has expanded rapidly.

The double K logo is a double character mark after the Chanel logo and Gucci’s double G logo. 201 Ben, after the birth of the brand 8 array, Fendi logo again through the button ten and improved, adding the “ROMA” word, indicating that Rome culture is a dirty spirit.

In the fall of 2007, Carle lagfield led his model group to make a famous Fendi the Great Wall show. Before that, there was no brand in the world to show fashion on the steep slope of the Great Wall. It was said that this activity was prepared for a year, cost 10 million dollars, and completed by Chinese and foreign staff. The fashion show was chosen in China, showing Fendi’s ambition to enter the Asian market. At sunset, 88 models, along the 88 meter T, appeared in the the Great Wall, startled the world, extravagant and dreamy, and in the end, the huge double F logo was projected onto the surrounding mountains. After that, the Fendi brand was since the 9 generation in twentieth Century. Because of the environmentalists’ advocacy, Fendi’s haughty fur seemed to be no longer popular, and Fendi was also in an unprecedented crisis. The Fendi family pondered how to keep the brand going and seek new ideas. At this time, the Fendi couple’s granddaughter Sylvia became the third generation of Fendi and served as a designer, miraculously returning Fendi to the center of the fashion world.

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