Hermes released the spring and summer 2018 new collection

Hermes released the spring and summer 2018 new collection. Indulge in the fun of the game, adhering to the unique ingenuity, recently Hermès created an art amusement park in Beijing Zhuyu, presenting the new spring and summer of 2018, and opening a modern fashion journey accompanied by craftsmanship aesthetics. This season’s flagship product display area opened the tour with the theme of “playing fun”. Every exquisite detail craftsmanship, ingenious color matching and bold use of the elements conveyed the brand’s free attitude to break through the inherent thinking. An extraordinary experience of exploration. Each series breaks the solid-state thinking and gives elements such as childlike fun and play. The meaning of “playing fun” is not only to relax and enjoy, but also to inspire the imagination in the process. For more than a century, Hermès will be the first ‘playmate’ as the first ‘playmate’, and the imagination always inspires creativity. In summer, the ‘Hermes Home’ in Shanghai has built a fascinating and interesting castle. Bags, shoes, silk scarves and other accessories collide with brightly colored blocks to open the 2018 autumn and winter new modern style in an eclectic manner. journey of.

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