First time saw Shirley in Boston legal

First time saw Shirley in Boston legal The old lady of Schmidt appeared, scared a big jump, and there are such people, not tall, not slim, the important thing is that the neck is very short, still wearing a high collar, wearing a high collar, the collar is also decorated cumbersome, cumbersome, Also bring more cumbersome jewelry, why is it so blew? However, the reluctant old lady changed a set of clothes in the series, and many sets of collars will be accompanied by a variety of cumbersome necklaces and tie. I gradually fell in love with her and fell in love with her cumbersome or huge necklace. The favorite thing is that a lot of thin pearl necklaces are placed on the collar shirt with multiple laces. I really want to do that. The cultural man returned to China, I seriously described what I wanted, and also cited Shirley. Schmidt’s example tells her not to have a similar one. Old man expressed to Shirley The necklace of Schmidt has an impression. As a result, I came back with two completely different ones, and I still found my name. I bet there are many in the country. However, I was found today, huh, the picture is here Arpels Alhambra Jewelry, Although not many, many circles, but with two should be OK. I can’t bear the money for a small farmer. I only bought one. Let’s see the goods first. Actually, I don’t necessarily bring it out, just to Shirley. Mrs. Schmidt expressed my respect. Go to the fucking dressing rules and the so-called taste of everyone’s approval, I like it, I will wear it, I insist, it is my style, style, and taste! Speaking of this, Bai Ling students are in full compliance. Therefore, although the appearance of Bai Linghong carpet appeared on the Internet, I was screaming on the Internet. I liked her privately.

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